claire moore
Life lines


(posted on 31 Dec 2010)
At the beginning of 2009 I discovered a street artist in London who goes by the name of Slinkachu. The experience was one of miniature magnitude, like an upscale downsizing and I committed to a period of:
1. Making art for public spaces that would act as small surprises for people passing through those spaces.
2. Making art that counteracts our society’s mania for “THE BIG” as a way of getting attention, selling product or making profit
3. Celebrating “THE SMALL” as a conduit for reflecting experience and meaning.
4. Making art outdoors in the summer and “in studio” in the winter; seasonal shifts of art practice that acknowledge environment
These “interventions” are the result: 5 locations were selected for small foil, paper and resin figures
The first involved 9 “flying figures’ below a caged railway overpass at crescent beach. Over a period of a week they succumbed to the vagaries of weather, human intervention and poor knot tying.
The second and third involved figures at different points in a ravine . The couple survived for a few months and then got destroyed. The tree figure lost its home when the tree blew down in a storm.
The 4th pair of figures wore logos on their chests advertising international Buy Nothing Day and were installed on black posts at an intersection in a new retail development.They lasted less than 24 hours.
The 5th location was a fence in a newly established park where two figures look across mud bay to the gulf islands.