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(posted on 26 Mar 2017)

(posted on 1 Nov 2013)

Well, we DID it.... with a grant from the City of Surrey. the day of Drawing collective rented a U-Haul, retro-fitted it to accomodate a gallery and took to the road. The whole show responded to a theme of Draw Tomorrow. we got great feedback and enthusiasm and exhausted ourselves in the process by offering drawing workshops wherever we went,


A casual idea thrown around at a gathering - actually got realised - V. satisfying.

I showed my small wire drawings of people with tail prosthetics since I still can't let go of the Beauty and the Freak thing that goes back to the landmine series. Will post them on my site soon......

(posted on 19 Apr 2011)

Small news item a week ago that didn't garner a whole lot of attention but - Female ski-jumping has been approved by the IOC for the Sochi Games (next winter olympics) - hence I have taken the ski jumpers with nipple tassles -( they are now being taken seriously) off my home page - relegated to the OTHERS gallery!!!!!

(posted on 31 Dec 2010)
At the beginning of 2009 I discovered a street artist in London who goes by the name of Slinkachu. The experience was one of miniature magnitude, like an upscale downsizing and I committed to a period of:
1. Making art for public spaces that would act as small surprises for people passing through those spaces.
2. Making art that counteracts our society’s mania for “THE BIG” as a way of getting attention, selling product or making profit
3. Celebrating “THE SMALL” as a conduit for reflecting experience and meaning.
4. Making art outdoors in the summer and “in studio” in the winter; seasonal shifts of art practice that acknowledge environment
These “interventions” are the result: 5 locations were selected for small foil, paper and resin figures
The first involved 9 “flying figures’ below a caged railway overpass at crescent beach. Over a period of a week they succumbed to the vagaries of weather, human intervention and poor knot tying.
The second and third involved figures at different points in a ravine . The couple survived for a few months and then got destroyed. The tree figure lost its home when the tree blew down in a storm.
The 4th pair of figures wore logos on their chests advertising international Buy Nothing Day and were installed on black posts at an intersection in a new retail development.They lasted less than 24 hours.
The 5th location was a fence in a newly established park where two figures look across mud bay to the gulf islands.
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